Just after the Sub-prime Crises, in a time period between 1990 and 2009, a Study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences showed that 90% of the Banknotes in circulation in the United States contained traces of cocaine, the study also noticed that this amount was increasing in comparaison with previous studies.

The Banker is a project of a machine that counts, cleans and then extracts the traces of cocaine transported by the banknotes.
The top floor is composed of a banknotes counting machine and the main display to control the machine. The banknotes are then sent to the washing unit on the second floor, thanks to different solvents the banknotes are cleaned-up and the “dirty juice” is sent to the centrifuge on the third floor.
Finally the recovered solution goes through an HPLC and a mass-spectrograph for the cocaine crystals to be extracted.

Banknotes counting machine with a system
to extract traces of cocaine transported on banknotes.
Miscellenaous materials.
Dimensions: 103 x 120 x 586 cm
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